A mid-tier Bank c. £170m+ turnover was engaged with transforming their bank from their traditional banking operations to a Digital bank. This involved several digital initiatives including the provisioning of a GCP cloud infrastructure as well as the development of a Mobile Banking Application. These applications cover multiple phases and associated teams across build, testing and deployment into the live environment.


Several discovery sessions were planned with the Head of Engineering and the Head of Digital Transformation to better understand the volume and deadlines required to develop the Mobile application and provision the cloud infrastructure. Once the deadlines were agreed, Alevio deployed the required development and cloud engineering resources.


As with any transformation, challenges arose throughout the life-cycle of the project, aggressive deadlines and budget were the main obstacles that needed to be overcome. The business had engaged with another consultancy firm to deliver the application, however, after a 2-year delay, the business had lost faith and set a timeline of 12 months to deliver the Application and associated infrastructure.
With the majority of the budget having already been spent, the business was also keen to use cost effective resources without having to compromise on quality. A blend of onshore, nearshore and offshore resources was deployed.


  • Met with the Head of Engineering and Head of Transformation of the company to assess current landscape and future requirements (as is and to be status determination)
  • Project-led evaluation led to a blend of global interim and permanent practitioners
  • Total of 24 practitioners were deployed over the course of 12 months

Structure – Deployed Interims


The Outcome (13-month project)

Within 4 weeks: 

Deployed a team of 10 Engineers and Developers initially to set the foundations of the application and implement the initial designs from the Architecture team. 3 weeks into the implementation, it was evident that additional resources were required to meet the 12-month deadline set.

Within 12 weeks: 

A team of 15 Engineers and Developers deployed, the development team of 8 were deployed out of Portugal and Pakistan. These locations were identified as areas providing high quality developers at a very cost-effective price. The geographical location and similar time zone of Portugal in particular meant that delivery was more closely managed whilst the resources in Pakistan meant that the delivery life-cycle was extended.


Within 6-13 Months:

Within 12 weeks, the working proof of concept had been realised and the organisation wanted to increase the volume of resources deployed to deliver the application. After 8 months the application was released to friends and family and in 13 months the application went live to the entire consumer base.

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