Mission Statement

We are an organisation that wants to build a Talent Partnering and DE&I focused Consultancy that truly ‘works’ for the Client, Consultants and Candidates.

What do we mean by ‘works’?

Well – If I were to ask you what would an Ideal consultancy look like to you, most would answer:

I want an organisation that can:

  1. Deliver what they promised and on time.
  2. Provide a genuine, customer focussed service- at all times!
  3. Be honest and open in their communication
  4. Take true accountability if neither 1., 2. Or 3. Have NOT been adhered to.
  5. Oh…. Be fair…. Not having to pay through the nose!

These happen to be our VALUES hence we have happy clients , candidates and consultants. Etc – Yes we will back that up and provide testimonials once we have spoken to you……..don’t take our word for it, you can actually speak to them yourselves! ​

Our Philosophy

At the basis of any work we do, whether it being Transformation, Recruitment, DE&I or Software Solutions, we always begin by uncovering the heart of the problem and understand how the solution affects the whole organisation.

We do this is by remembering the 3 areas that underpin all our services, they are the experiences of the:

  • Customer
  • Employer
  • Employee

From there we work backwards and the type of transformation or recruitment process or data strategy we use, is just a tool to achieve at least one of the three objectives – ideally all 3! Another key element to our process is focussing on building Diverse & Inclusive teams/relationships across organisations:

4 Pillars of Alevio

At Alevio we recognise that our clients and other companies are finding new challenges to overcome during these unprecedented times. We can help navigate organisations and individuals to a far more advanced, progressive and positive place.


Building superhero diverse teams:

Technology / software development



Data & AI/RPA

Project & transformation

Executives / strategic


Provide consulting that matters:

Increase revenue

Minimise costs

Save time

Equity, diversity & inclusivity
Produce high performing environments


Client is always at the centre:

Leave you in a better place than when we arrived

Find fast & effective solutions.

Keep your costs to a minimum

Above & beyond for our clients:

Above & beyond for our clients:

Additional support post project.

Training / coaching relating to programmes we have delivered.


With a ‘consultancy’ quality

  • Candidates Qualified extensively by SME – by us and Mgmt. Consultants!
  • Our extensive diverse network & all come with references.
  • Experienced in Building Diverse & Inclusive Teams
  • Campaign Service – a more economical alternative for 10+ requirements need.


Increase revenue & customers

  • Collect & Sanitise
  • Analyse
  • Discover Trends
  • Provide new Revenue/Customers


Focusing on advancing & inclusivity

  • Our focus is around:
    Customer experience
    Employer experience
    User experience
  • Consultancy Specialisms:
    Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity

Product development

We build to help

  • Build bespoke Software Solutions
  • Data related tools
  • Sales/Recruitment AI Software
  • Construct a modern tech function:
    Development / Testing / Devops / Scrum
    Help with the recruitment
    Coach / Train existing teams

Coaching & training

Career : Technical : Performance : DE&I

  • Career
    Interviews Excelling within Current Role
    Next Step In Your Career
    Career Change
  • Technical
  • Personal Development & Performance
    Mindset Change
    Personal Game Plan
    Outcome/Results Focussed
    Overcoming Barriers/Fears
  • DE&I
    Conscious & Unconscious Bias
    Recruitment to Onboarding
    Enabling Safe and Equal Opportunity Environments
    Leadership Training

What is workplace diversity?

At Alevio we are determined to help companies produce Inclusive & Diverse working environments. In order to do that we often educate our staff and clients/candidates. This can be done through our training and/or through our recruitment process.

Let’s start off with the basics:

  • Workplace diversity is the idea that your workplace should reflect the makeup of greater society.
  • The concept of diversity in the workplace has become important because historically, this wasn’t the case. When people think of diversity, they often think of demographic groups like race or gender. However, diversity is a much broader and more inclusive concept.
  • There are two main categories of diversity:
    1. Inherent diversity: demographic characteristics like race, sex, and age.
    2. Acquired diversity: factors such as education, experience, values, skills and …….knowledge.
  • Workplace diversity is defined as understanding, accepting, and valuing differences between people of different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, disabilities, and sexual orientations, as well as differences in personalities, skill sets, experiences, and knowledge bases.
workplace diversity
workplace diversity
workplace diversity

What our Clients and Candidates say about us...