Overview of Services

Alevio offer specialised consulting services across Transformation, Sales and Risk & Compliance. We deploy expert internal Management Consultants who oversee a team of specialist to diagnose the core problems. In partnership with key stakeholders, we will create a clear roadmap of designing and implementing reliable, resilient, and scalable solutions for your business

Our Approach


Talk to ALL relevant Executives & Employees and documents the following:

  • Benchmarking – Understanding your “As is” process through Data Analysis.
  • Process – How each step works within the whole Sales / Marketing process.
  • Technology – Systems / apps involved & how they relate to each other.
  • Data – What? How? Where?


  • Design Thinking Workshops* with your team to understand problems and solutions from those at the coal face.
  • Recommendations – what area to improve or Transform or Completely develop.
  • Costs involved – 100% transparency.
  • Detailed Plan – What we propose / recommend… Starting with out exit date.


  • Build strong relationships from day 1 across a diverse cross section of the business.
  • Agile methodology – continuously communicate to Stakeholders and Champions of the project.
  • Keeping you at the heart of the solution – informing and ‘bringing employees on the journey’ .
  • Ensure we do everything to finish on time – No excuses!


  • “Hands on” – Provide relevant Coaching & Training for a min. of 1 month before we leave.
  • Recruit any skill gap – recruitment service will be provided at reduced rate of 7% (Normal fee is 10%).
  • “Hand off” – Provide 3 months post implementation support.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking


Applying design thinking tools and techniques, Alevio will ensure you are looking past the “symptoms” and instead exploring and understanding the root causes of your critical challenges.


Alevio will enable you to identify the right problem(s), in order to identify and prioritize solutions and opportunities for improvement.

Refine & Act

Alevio will help you refine and prioritize your ideas so that you are implementing solutions that are feasible, viable, and desirable. Alevio focuses on outcomes and applies careful thought to selecting methods and workshop agendas to ensure actionable outcomes are achieved.


Design thinking centres on the idea of divergent activity, using innovative methods and leveraging the diverse backgrounds of your teams to rapidly and collaboratively generate effective and creative ideas.


Product Innovation

We understand that knowing where to start can be half the battle. Alevio has committed to investing and developing innovative products that can help you gauge a temperature of how your teams are currently performing, giving you an opportunity to quickly identify areas that are high performing and areas of improvement.

Our Black Box is a perfect example of the value our products can add. Check out our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion page for more details.