workplace diversity

The DE&I landscape is a minefield and companies need to be very deliberate on how they navigate this emotive subject. We understand that DE&I is not limited to bringing in people who come from minority or gender backgrounds, but includes Cognitive Diversity and building teams that think differently and challenge traditional ways of thinking based on their experiences.

The Result

Teams that create innovative value propositions which benefits your bottom line by creating efficiencies and new products to the market, differentiating what you do from the rest market and competitors.

DE&I Maturity Matrix

Understanding where you are currently is half the battle. Through our maturity assessment and subsequent consulting, we can help you draw up an effective plan of attack to help not only boost your business’ credibility, but also your bottom line by thinking differently. We do this by examining the following areas:

Benchmarking using Data Analytics & Trends
Employee Satisfaction
External Network
black box

Black Box

Many organisations claim that DE&I is a core value of theirs, but few can back this up with real data. Enter Black Box.

This innovative, data driven, tool allows you to take a pulse on key DE&I metrics from your current employee base. By completely anonymising the data collected, Black Box provides an honest and transparent snapshot of the current DE&I state of your organisation across teams, enabling business decisions off real-time data.

It arms you with clear DE&I metrics to help you understand areas of success and improvement and helps shape your business to attract the best DE&I talent.

How it works

Data input from Survey sent to employees

Data inputs:

  • Department
  • Role
  • Salary Banding
  • Political preferences
  • Sexual orientation
  • Ethnic Background
  • Geographic location
  • Social Economic upbringing
  • Employment satisfaction

Black Box


Black box will securely hold the submissions and anonymise the responses



Power BI Dashboard will allow ALL those in the business to view the responses, allowing users to gauge:

  • Current Diversity representation across the business
  • Benchmark their metrics against market leaders / competitors
  • Areas of employee satisfaction improvement