recruitment model


Classic recruitment model where we would charge on a role by role basis:

  • Fixed fee starting from 10% of the annual salary
  • Fees are paid once the successful candidate starts working for you
  • Free replacement if the candidate placed drops out within 3 months of starting


Working on a retained basis reduces your time to hire through dedicated support with a trusted partner:

  • Fixed monthly cost starting from £5,000/month for a dedicated consultant for at least 3 months.
  • Additional fee of £4,000 per hire
  • Each consultant can work up to 4 jobs per month.
  • On average, one of our consultants can produce 3 hires a month.


  • A dedicated team results in shorter time to hire
  • Your campaigns are worked on as a priority vs Contingent Model
  • Candidates are exclusive to your campaign unless you have rejected them
  • Candidates are left feeling more valued through the process, resulting in a better impression of you
Talent Partnering
  • 3 month campaign
  • 3 hires per month / 9 hires total
  • Average Salary per role: £60,000
  • Competitor rates fixed at 15% of annual salary
Competitor Rates (15%) Campaign Way Contingent Model (10%)
Fixed Fee £81,000 £15,000 £54,000
Additional Fee £36,000
TOTAL £81,000 £51,000 £54,000
SAVING £30,000 £27,000